Recommended Order of Preference:
  1. THOMAS, Beresford (Christian Democrats)
  2. ALLEN, David (Independent)
  3. AUSSIE-STONE, Marc (Independent)
  4. XING, Peter (Science)
  5. HUGHES, Evan (Labor)
  6. ACKROYD, Anthony Michael (Arts)
  7. TOBOREK, Dejay (Greens)
  8. TURNBULL, Malcolm (Liberal)

No explanation needed.


7 thoughts on “Wentworth”

  1. A sick Fabian, a man who belongs with his mates in the Labor party, out of touch with decent Australians, and is so desperate for power he will do anything to get it , he’s the product of a desperately sad and lonely childhood , abandoned by his mother and a latchkey while his father worked, left alone to his own devices at a young age Says it all. He was known as a bully at school. He has the art work of the pedophile artist Bill Henson hanging on the walls of his family home , and he makes no apology for that, no wonder he backs the disguised pedophile inappropriately named SAFE schools Programme , a poor excuse for a human being really, just bugger off

  2. This man is wasting billions of your money on corrupt payements to the chinese for power produced by these wind mills.the amount of money is staggering and would pay for schools and hospitals.
    Nothi g being said about this in the last few months of yhe election campaign.
    We rely on alan jones to keepus informed on this issue and many other isdues not discussed by any government person.
    How corrupt and fraufulent can this be. Those behind this corruption shoulf be arrested , convicted and jailed . It is our money !!! Greg hunt is in this up tp jis little pink ears and should be exposed.
    Wentworth this stabber of our ligitimate pm tony abnott must be punished. Any body else who did this would not attract this bitterness except turnbull becsuse he is a socialist through and through, is wisy washy ,cant make decisions and did othing much since ladt september. He suppoeted the ABC whilst they dslagged off abott for months doing his dirty work, which suceeded.
    Remember arthur sinodinus well hes in line for promotion under turnbull. Thid is the creepy opportunist who has no memory what hsppened yo hundteds of thousands of missing donations.
    We should protect our great monachy as we did in many wars ,turnbull wants to ecpunge the queen and take the prize for himsrlf ,is australias first president……..no thanks. You wii regret the day you voted turnbull back. Manh small parties desetve your vote

  3. Thank you. I live in this seat and have been trying to work out the order of my vote – of course ALWAYS intended putting The Chosen One at No.8. Unfortunately it is looking like he will win so I will have to brace myself in order to endure the gloating sight of the Man and his equally ambitious spouse each and every day. GIVE ME STRENGTH!! My hope is that he will get a terrible Senate. The man does not have the patience if everything does not go his way and we will begin to see the real spiteful narcissist emerge.

  4. His smug approach and dismissive body language when he met Tony and Margie Abbott at the campaign launch was disgraceful, as was his assertion that the government would have been lost without the change of leader.

    The new leader who undermined his then leader from 2009 to 2015, anonymous leaking and background briefing to media, ABC, etc.

    The man who criticised Labor for dumping their first term prime minister Kevin Rudd.

  5. Science Party was formed by GetUp. I had a look at the policies and thought-that is GetUp policy. My spies have informed me that the Science Party was indeed formed by someone from GetUp. At the candidates forum, I would certainly put David Allen up high, probably above Beresford Thomas. Had a long chat with both at the candidates forum recently. They loved my question. ALL the others showed their left-leaning inclinations and attacked my question, even though I managed to squeeze in an interjection to show that “Safe Schools” has nothing to do with bullying. Turncoat did not turn up. Aussie-Stone did not turn up either. Alas, no media to catch my question which certainly ruffled some feathers. Poorly attended-I was very lucky to even get wind it was on at all. What was very telling was how ignorant they ALL were on 18c.
    I can sense you are all curious what the evil question was. Since I could see I was going to be the only conservative questioner, I had to make it all-encompassing-one crack and that was it.
    All we have heard in the election campaign from the mainstream parties is who can spend the most borrowed money that our children and grandchildren are going to have to pay back, yet the really serious issues like 18c, safe schools and creeping Islamic influence have not been addressed? Could the candidates please state their positions on these serious issues?
    The moderator allowed the candidates to address just one issue (as far as I am concerned, poor policy on even ONE of these issues means-do not vote for) . None of the candidates even knew what 18c was (had to give a brief explanation-the reason why we all have to watch our tongues.) The 2 conservatives used the loaded question as a springboard. The lefties defended safe schools-banged on about preventing bullying even though I squeezed in about Roz Ward’s admission it has nothing to do with bullying. Someone behind me was muttering “racist”, “bigot” behind my back-shot through quickly so as not to tell this to my face-coward. Interestingly, a former Labor candidate for Wentworth who was in the audience had a scathing question for the Greens!
    I would put David Allen as #1, ahead of CDP(too god-squad.) Aussie-Stone (not that he has a hope in hell), the others are obvious do-not-vote-for. I have put Turncoat after Labor as a protest. The Liberal Party needs to get rid of this traitor, just as the Christian Democrats in Germany need to get rid of Merkel, the Conservatives in Britain need to get rid of Cameron (yay, Brexit) and the US needs Trump.

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