The Basics of our Electoral Strategy

House of Representatives
  • Deny Turnbull any seats that Abbott didn’t win in 2013 by preferencing Labor (i.e. the sitting member) above Liberal in those seats. Additionally, if the sitting member is not a Labor MP, preference the sitting member above the Liberal candidate.
  • Facilitate the defeat of Liberal MPs who voted for Turnbull by preferencing Labor above Liberal in those seats.
  • Support the Liberal MPs who voted for Abbott by always preferencing them above Labor.
  • Minimise the Liberal primary vote by never giving a Liberal your first preference under any circumstances, even a conservative. This will deprive the Liberal Party of funding and sour any Turnbull victory. An unprecedented bleeding of Liberal primary votes to conservative minor parties will be a potent argument for a leadership change. Labor and Green primary votes should also be wholly avoided.
  • Conservative minor parties are ranked according to the desirability of their policies (I am conservative on all the social issues and pro-firearms) and a cursory analysis of individual candidates.
  • Liberal candidates in Liberal/National seats who have not been MPs are given the benefit of the doubt, and preferenced above Labor (unless they are infamous leftists, like Jason Falinski in MacKellar).
  • National Party MPs are not affected, and are always preferenced above Labor.

*Note: There are a few exceptions to these rules in certain seats, and those will be explained on the page dedicated to that particular seat.


It is crucial to vote below-the-line in order to cherry-pick the good candidates within the Liberal and National parties. Preferences are assigned in roughly the following order:

  1. All the conservative Liberal Senators/candidates.
  2. All the conservative National Senators/candidates.
  3. All the conservative minor party Senators/candidates.
  4. All the other Liberal-National Senators/candidates.
  5. Everyone else.

Any nuances and exceptions to this standard will be explained.

*Note: We only provide recommendations for the first 12 preferences.


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