Recommended Order of Preference:
  1. ROWE, Alison L (Rise Up Australia)
  2. HOST, Kevin (Australian Christians)
  3. PEARSON, Robert (Labor)
  4. KEENAN, Michael (Liberal)
  5. MUBARAK, Kim (Independent)
  6. WEBSTER, Tom (Greens)

Michael Keenan voted for Turnbull in the leadership spill.

See our article titled ‘The Basics of our Electoral Strategy‘.


2 thoughts on “Stirling”

  1. I would suggest putting Kim Mubarak last. From his website: Muslim Rights- “I will legislate to abolish the discrimination against Muslims and fight like hell for Eid public holiday like any other religions. Muslims are discriminated and marginalized in our political system. Imagine if it is you being discriminated? “Think about it”. “

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