Recommended Order of Preference:
  1. Silvija Majetic (Rise Up Australia)
  2. Marty Reinhold (Shooters, Fishers & Farmers)
  3. John Kearney (Australia First)
  4. Robert Dawes (Liberal Democrat)
  5. Brigid McCullough (Citizens Electoral Council)
  6. Natasha Griggs (Country Liberal)
  7. Nevin Cartwright (Online Direct Democracy)
  8. Mark Garner (Independent)
  9. Lance Lawrence (HEMP)
  10. Luke Gosling (Labor)
  11. Todd Williams (Greens)

Natasha Griggs voted for Tony Abbott in the leadership spill, and walked¬†beside him as they entered the party room. Although she supports homosexual pseudo-marriage¬†based on a survey of her electorate, she was described as one of Abbott’s strongest supporters.

Griggs walks into the September 2015 party room meeting.


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