Senate – Western Australia

Recommended Order of Preference (Below-The-Line):
  1. Mathias Cormann (Liberal) [COLUMN X]
  2. Chris Back (Liberal) [COLUMN X]
  3. Anthony Hardwick (Rise Up Australia) [COLUMN Q]
  4. Sheila Mundy (Rise Up Australia) [COLUMN Q]
  5. Debbie Robinson (Australian Liberty Alliance) [COLUMN P]
  6. Marion Hercock (Australian Liberty Alliance) [COLUMN P]
  7. Linda Rose (Family First) [COLUMN AB]
  8. Henry Heng (Family First) [COLUMN AB]
  9. Mark Imisides (Christian Democrats) [COLUMN A]
  10. Philip Read (Christian Democrats) [COLUMN A]
  11. Lindsay Cameron (Australian Christians) [COLUMN W]
  12. Jacky Young (Australian Christians) [COLUMN W]

*Update 1: I have excluded the WA Nationals because they have put up candidates who appear to be extremely concerning.


11 thoughts on “Senate – Western Australia”

  1. Thanks for the effort you’ve put into this website.

    However, why did you leave the one truly conservative party – the Nationals – off the Senate list in Western Australia?

    1. Have you seen the candidates? They’ve got an “Aboriginal cultural awareness trainer” as their lead candidate. Does that sound like a good prospect for the conservative cause to you?

      Another one of the candidates is an environmental science graduate who works as a “Sustainability and environmental health” officer for a local council.

      Don’t be deceived. The National Party has quite a few frothing leftists on their tickets. You have to study each individual candidate.

    1. Family First Senator Bob Day has been extremely impressive on economic matters. He is the leader of Family First. The Christian Democrats are untested on economic matters. For that reason I generally put Family First ahead of the Christian Democrats.

      1. Hmm Fred Nile has been in parliament since 1981 with an extensive record of supporting Liberal economic policies. But I like Bob Day too, I hope he is re-elected in SA.

  2. The recommendations for WA are good and show good analytical thinking.

    For the Senate, my views on the Nationals are the same, the candidates could be greens- protectionist, big government, indigenous, sustainability, blah blah ..
    I will not vote Australian Christians even in positions 11 and 12 but far prefer the Liberal Democrats.

    For my local electorate I am undecided between the Lib / Lab at 3 and 4, or 4 and 3, an interesting risk assessment.

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