Senate – Victoria

Recommended Order of Preference (Below-The-Line):
  1. James Paterson (Liberal) [COLUMN AF]
  2. Danny Nalliah (Rise Up) [COLUMN AI]
  3. Rosalie Crestani (Rise Up) [COLUMN AI]
  4. Daniel Jones (Australian Liberty Alliance) [COLUMN U]
  5. Kenneth Nicholls (Australian Liberty Alliance) [COLUMN U]
  6. Bridget McKenzie (National) [COLUMN AF]
  7. John Madigan (Madigan Group) [COLUMN AB]
  8. Peter Bain (Family First) [COLUMN O]
  9. Randell Green (Family First) [COLUMN O]
  10. Craig Manners (Family First) [COLUMN O]
  11. May Hanna (Christian Democrats) [COLUMN P]
  12. Stephanie Botros (Christian Democrats) [COLUMN P]

Although James Paterson is not technically a conservative, his unwavering libertarian positions on many issues will cause serious problems for Turnbull.


5 thoughts on “Senate – Victoria”

  1. Voted below the line. Australian Liberty Alliance first. Basically followed their recommended How to Vote card, but included the two Nationals.

  2. Do the Liberal Democrats have a unison position on promoting gay marriage? If so this is a pity as their other policies are worthwhile.

    1. Yes, but he only supports it under conditions that Labor/Greens/Turnbull will never agree to. And he opposes Turnbull on many other matters.

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