Senate – Tasmania

Recommended Order of Preference (Below-The-Line):
  1. Eric Abetz (Liberal) [COLUMN F]
  2. Stephen Parry (Liberal) [COLUMN F]
  3. Jonathon Duniam (Liberal) [COLUMN F]
  4. David Bushby (Liberal) [COLUMN F]
  5. Tony Robinson (Australian Liberty Alliance) [COLUMN N]
  6. Susan Horwood (Australian Liberty Alliance) [COLUMN N]
  7. Peter Madden (Family First) [COLUMN A]
  8. Andrew Roberts (Family First) [COLUMN A]
  9. Silvana Nero-Nile (Christian Democrats) [COLUMN D]
  10. Mishka Gora (Christian Democrats) [COLUMN D]
  11. Kate McCulloch (Pauline Hanson’s One Nation) [COLUMN I]
  12. Natasia Manzi (Pauline Hanson’s One Nation) [COLUMN I]


3 thoughts on “Senate – Tasmania”

  1. I make you a prediction . Jackie Lambie will be reelected . The person [ Jan ] who made the remark about Jackie not being mentioned is in all probability as stupid as you are with your order of preference IE putting the Senate Liberals at the top of the voting list . If you had not noticed the Liberals and Labor parties are on the nose with a large majority of older voters and minority parties are preferable to the major parties . and to substantiate that argument I predict that a One Nation person will also be elected !! So the question is who the F**k are you idiots to advocate voting against Turnbull and then recommend the voting list that puts them at the top of the list . The Americans have a word for clowns like you ” shills ” But I just prefer ” Clowns “

    1. The Liberals i’ve put at the top are all anti-Turnbull, and will put much needed pressure on his leadership. Without pressure within the Liberal party, any anti-Turnbull cause is hopeless. The minor parties will never govern. Jackie Lambie is a well-meaning person but not appropriate for government. We want intellectuals in government, but conservative ones. I’m not anti-intellectual.

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