Senate – South Australia

Recommended Order of Preference (Below-The-Line):
  1. Cory Bernardi (Liberal) [COLUMN H]
  2. Bob Day (Family First) [COLUMN N]
  3. David Fawcett (Liberal) [COLUMN H]
  4. Wanda Lee Marsh (Australian Liberty Alliance) [COLUMN S]
  5. Andrew Horwood (Australian Liberty Alliance) [COLUMN S]
  6. Lucy Gichuhi (Family First) [COLUMN N]
  7. Matt Attia (Christian Democrats) [COLUMN M]
  8. Joseph Stephen (Christian Democrats) [COLUMN M]
  9. Steven Burgess (Pauline Hanson’s One Nation) [COLUMN O]
  10. Angelina Nicolis (Pauline Hanson’s One Nation) [COLUMN O]
  11. Roostam Sadri (Liberal Democrats) [COLUMN K]
  12. Michael Noack (Liberal Democrats) [COLUMN K]


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