Senate – Queensland

Recommended Order of Preference (Below-The-Line):
  1. Matthew Canavan (Liberal National) [COLUMN G]
  2. Bernard Gaynor (Australian Liberty Alliance) [COLUMN N]
  3. Joanna Lindgren (Liberal National) [COLUMN G]
  4. Ian MacDonald (Liberal National) [COLUMN G]
  5. Barry O’Sullivan (Liberal National) [COLUMN G]
  6. Paul Taylor (Rise Up Australia) [COLUMN Y]
  7. Neroli Mooney (Rise Up Australia) [COLUMN Y]
  8. Pauline Hanson (One Nation) [COLUMN X]
  9. Alan Biggs (Australian Liberty Alliance) [COLUMN N]
  10. Rod McGarvie (Family First) [COLUMN T]
  11. Sue Baynes (Family First) [COLUMN T]
  12. Malcolm Roberts (Pauline Hanson’s One Nation) [COLUMN X]

*Update 1: I’ve removed one of the ALA candidates who has withdrawn from the race, and added Malcolm Roberts of One Nation.



4 thoughts on “Senate – Queensland”

  1. One candidate missing that as a conservative, I believe should be included:

    Malcolm Roberts, One Nation.

    Malcolm is standing with Pauline Hanson as No. 2 Candidate Senate Candidate in QLD. Malcolm was instrumental in exposing the climate change fraud and is a conservative by nature. He is astute when it comes to economics and I would include him in my list if I lived in Queensland. Alan Jones interviewed him on his program last week – Malcolm was outstanding. He’s the kind of person you’d want in the trenches next to you.

    1. My antagonism to One Nation is based on some of their social policies, which are ‘progressive’. I am a social conservative and these issues are very important to me.

  2. I am somewhat bemused if your platform is to Stop Turnbull, why you placed 4 LNP Senate Candidates in the top 5 selections. That is only going to produce more of the same, surely.

    1. These people didn’t vote for Turnbull in the leadership spill. They voted for Abbott (or didn’t vote at all if they are QLD LNPers who sit with the Nationals federally). They are reasonably hostile to the Turnbull agenda and will therefore be needed in the party-room. Whether we like it or not, the Liberals or Labor will govern. We need to make sure the good people within the Liberal party retain their seats, and vote against the bad ones. We have to cherry pick, in other words.

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