Senate – Northern Territory

 Recommended Order of Preference (Below-The-Line):
  1. Jan Pile (Rise Up Australia) [COLUMN A]
  2. Jimmy Gimini (Rise Up Australia) [COLUMN A]
  3. Carol Ordish (Christian Democrats) [COLUMN G]
  4. John Ordish (Christian Democrats) [COLUMN G]
  5. Marney MacDonald (Antipaedophile) [COLUMN UNG]
  6. Nigel Scullion (Country Liberal) [COLUMN E]
  7. Jenni Lillis (Country Liberal) [COLUMN E]
  8. Trudy Campbell (Citizens Electoral Council) [COLUMN C]
  9. Ian Barry (Citizens Electoral Council) [COLUMN C]
  10. Tristan Marshall (Online Direct Democracy) [COLUMN UNG]
  11. Greg Strettles (Ungrouped) [COLUMN UNG]
  12. Maurie Japarta Ryan (Ungrouped) [COLUMN UNG]

The sitting Coalition Senator, Nigel Scullion, supports homosexual pseudo-marriage and is not reliably conservative. He sits with the National party-room, so he didn’t vote in the September 2015 Liberal leadership ballot.

There are relatively few candidates in the Northern Territory, so non-conservative parties and candidates make it onto the list.


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