Senate – ACT

Recommended Order of Preference (Below-The-Line):
  1. Zed Seselja (Liberal) [COLUMN F]
  2. Sandie O’Connor (Rise Up Australia) [COLUMN D]
  3. Jess Wyatt (Rise Up Australia) [COLUMN D]
  4. David Kim (Christian Democrats) [COLUMN I]
  5. Elizabeth Tadros (Christian Democrats) [COLUMN I]
  6. Matt Donnelly (Liberal Democrat) [COLUMN A]
  7. Cawley Hennings (Liberal Democrat) [COLUMN A]
  8. Jane Hiatt (Liberal) [COLUMN F]
  9. Anthony Hanson (Ungrouped) [COLUMN UNG]
  10. Michael Hay (Ungrouped) [COLUMN UNG]
  11. Katy Gallagher (Labor) [COLUMN C]
  12. David Smith (Labor) [COLUMN C]

Jane Hiatt, is an unknown quantity. Until we have further information on her personal views, we can’t put her any higher.


One thought on “Senate – ACT”

  1. Apparently one of the ACT LDP candidates is gay and both are advocates of gay marriage. Before learning this I was tempted to vote for them.

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