North Sydney

Recommended Order of Preference:
  1. KU, Eddy (Family First)
  2. MARTIN, Sharon (Christian Democrats)
  3. LEAHY, Daniel (Liberal Democrats)
  4. RUFF, Stephen (Independent)
  5. COFFEY, James (Science)
  6. HAYES, Peter (Labor)
  7. CHESTERFIELD-EVANS, Arthur (Greens)
  8. ZIMMERMAN, Trent (Liberal)

Zimmerman is a notorious left-faction heavy who was pre-selected as a result of a stitch up. He is a loud campaigner for homosexual pseudo-marriage and is himself a homosexual.

At this year’s Sydney homosexual Mardi Gras, Zimmerman hugged Bill Shorten, and the disturbing moment was captured on camera.



7 thoughts on “North Sydney”

  1. The swing against the Liberals at the 2015 by election was around 12 per cent and the party struggled to get support from branch members at that time during the election campaign.

    No doubt a major factor was the dumping of popular Treasurer Joe Hockey and his later retirement from Parliament forced by the present PM when he took over.

    Does anybody doubt that Turnbull would do anything he could to get Tony Abbott to leave?

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