New England

Recommended Order of Preference:
  1. JOYCE, Barnaby (Nationals)
  2. COLEFAX, Stan (Christian Democrats)
  3. WHELAN, Peter (Liberal Democrats)
  4. MAILLER, David (CountryMinded)
  5. WALKER, Robert Henry (Online Direct Democracy)
  6. TABER, Rob (Independent)
  7. COX, Philip Gordon (Independent)
  8. WINDSOR, Tony (Independent)
  9. EWINGS, David (Labor)
  10. GOLDSTEIN, Mercurius (Greens)

Malcolm Turnbull would love to see Barnaby Joyce lose his seat to the leftist, Gillard-supporting Tony Windsor. Joyce is a thorn in Turnbull’s┬áside, especially with regard to Turnbull’s green agenda. For instance, Joyce is an advocate of building more dams, which is something Turnbull personally opposes.


6 thoughts on “New England”

  1. Much as I loathe and detest the greens I will be putting Windsor last. That scumbag needs to be forcibly ejected from the electorate.

  2. I doubt that the New England electorate voters will now fall for Tony Windsor’s deception, the candidate who presented as trustworthy for conservative voters to support who was at the time of the 2010 election campaign already backed by Labor, as was Oakeshott in Lyne.

    It will be interesting when the NSW ICAC interview former state MP Richard Torbay about allegations that NSW Labor funded so called independent candidates in return for their support.

  3. It is also interesting to note that in addition to Labor campaign support for Windsor that both he and Oakeshott were given seats on Labor government committees and that each position included additional remuneration. I understand that both men boosted their remuneration to the level of cabinet minister via their committee positions.

    No doubt the higher income would impact on their retirement benefits.

  4. Liberal Democrats are not conservative. David Leyonhjelm refers to himself as a libertarian NOT CONSERVATIVE.
    The Liberal Democrat Party policies support the abolition of Medicare and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, disbanding most of the full time Army, free movement of people, SSM, legalising marijuana, euthanasia, genetically modified crops and the cessation of all Commonwealth involvement in health and education. LDP also support foreign investment and ownership.
    Not all that conservative, and they are now going to preference Labor in key seats as reported in The Australian.
    Please revise your recommendations, if possible.
    Thank you for the information you provide.
    Kind regards

  5. Job well done Barnaby! The odious Windsor is consigned to the dung-heap. It’s now time to put the Liberal party on notice to elect another more conservative leader – not a close Turncoat associate – if they want to continue as a coalition.

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