Recommended Order of Preference:
  1. TRUSCOTT, Jeff (Rise Up Australia)
  2. LONG, Dorothy Lorraine (Family First)
  3. ANDREW, Tracey (Country)
  4. ANDERSON, James (Nationals)
  5. LEE, Ross (Independent)
  6. MITCHELL, Rob (Labor)
  7. JERMYN, Chris (Liberal)
  8. VAINA, Cathy (Animal Justice)
  9. BARKER, Neil (Greens)

See our article titled ‘The Basics of our Electoral Strategy‘.


2 thoughts on “McEwen”

  1. The best outcome is Libs win and Turnbull loses his seat. I can’t believe you’d preference the do-nothing Rob Mitchell over Chris Jermyn (despite his problems). ALP are poison to any electorate (except I agree that Greens are worse)

    1. You clearly haven’t read our electoral strategy, which is particularly important in this seat as it is a possible Liberal gain. I’m running an anti-Turnbull overall strategy. Part of that is trying to prevent Turnbull winning any seat that Tony Abbott didn’t win to deny him of any positive talking point post-election. In some cases that will mean preferencing an OK Liberal candidate below a bad Labor MP. Whilst that seems awful for those with a simplistic short-term outlook, it is best for the long-term good of conservatism.

      Furthermore, if Jermyn wins, he will likely be a Turnbull supporter in the party-room, which will only hurt our cause.

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