Recommended Order of Preference:
  1. BALL, Jim (Independent)
  2. WRIGHT, Annie (Christian Democrats)
  3. GAVIN, Liam (Independent)
  4. HEGARTY, Julie (Independent)
  5. FUNNELL, Rhonda (Labor)
  6. HALL, Mike (Greens)
  7. FALINSKI, Jason (Liberal)

Jason Falinski is a dangerous leftist who wants to break down the Howard-Abbott border protection regime. He is also an ally of the infamous NSW Liberal left-faction boss, Michael Photios.

In 2009 he invited Keysar Trad, an advocate of Sharia law, to speak at a Liberal Party branch meeting.

Falinski (left) and Trad.

Former 2GB host Jim Ball is a fantastic candidate and deserves support from conservatives. His website is

*Update 1: Falinski is now deleting comments and blocking anyone who is critical of him on his social media accounts.



7 thoughts on “Mackellar”

  1. As an ex liberal I completely applaud this site. On the ground here, the ones that have always voted liberal have told us “not this time”! Jim Ball is the only true conservative independent (ex Liberal) and the other two independents are preferencing Libs and Greens at no.2. Don’t waste your vote on them.

  2. The original plan was to preference the Libs/Falinski at number 7/7 but talking to and canvassing people on the streets, although politically clever it was a very risky strategy because although that would “send the Libs a message” it could very possibly blow up in my face. It was a bridge to far to ask people to force their hand to preference the Greens and Labor ahead of The Libs. They just couldn’t do it. Those that don’t understand the delicate nature and the Rubik’s Cube of preferencing would wonder about my sanity.
    What I’ve done instead is take a leaf from the Australian Democrats and developed a JB HTV for the traditional Liberal voter side by side with a JB HTV for a traditional Labor voter. This way I’m seen to be totally independent and in both cases not preferencing a major party. The HTV is on my website under the tab/page How To Vote.

    1. From your point-of-view, that was probably the sensible decision, because you’re trying to appeal to a broader audience who don’t understand the nuances of these tactics. They could very easily misunderstand them.

  3. I also agree that in this particular instance the Liberal candidate should be placed last. However, there are other ALP or Greens held seats being contested by genuine conservatives who should receive priority preferences. If Jim Ball had received Liberal preselection for this seat, would you still be preferencing him in last place?

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