Recommended Order of Preference:
  1. CORNISH, Marcus (Independent)
  2. RODDICK, Stephen (Australian Liberty Alliance)
  3. LA BROOY, Linda (Family First)
  4. WORMALD, Warren Howard (Christian Democrats)
  5. SALEAM, Jim (Australia First)
  6. GRIMLEY, Scott (Derryn Hinch’s Justice)
  7. LYNCH, Stephen (Nick Xenophon Team)
  8. HUSAR, Emma (Labor)
  9. SCOTT, Fiona (Liberal)
  10. BLUNDELL, Deborah May (Animal Justice)
  11. LIU, Kingsley (Greens)

Fiona Scott voted for Turnbull in the leadership spill and is equivocal on homosexual pseudo-marriage. She is an ally of left-faction boss Michael Photios and infamously made the following comment following the Parramatta murder of NSW Police employee Curtis Cheng by an Islamic fundamentalist:

“We’ve had a hundred years, more than a century of relationships with our Islamic communities where it’s lived quite peacefully, and one little incident over 100 years has been what we have had.”

Further, see our article titled ‘The Basics of our Electoral Strategy‘.


3 thoughts on “Lindsay”

  1. A great line up. marcus has done a lot for the community both as a Liberal and then as an Independant.
    Fiona Has to go.

  2. Vote 1 ALA
    23 policies
    21 candidates across the country –
    Fastest growing minor party in Australia
    “Smaller smarter Gov”
    “Reciprocal Property Rights”
    “Stop the Islamisation of Australia”

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