Kingsford Smith

Recommended Order of Preference:
  1. WEATHERSTONE, Andrew (Christian Democrats)
  2. THISTLETHWAITE, Matt (Labor)
  3. FENELEY, Michael (Liberal)
  4. LEONG, Andrea (Science)
  5. MACDONALD, James (Greens)

See our article titled ‘The Basics of our Electoral Strategy‘.


2 thoughts on “Kingsford Smith”

  1. I Believe Michael is a reasonable conservative in his disposition. He is not aligned to the factional power brokers and is worth a shot at being supported.

    If we are looking a dropping a lot of Liberals Michael may be a good fill in at second on the list.

    1. One of my worries is that any Liberal candidate in a Labor-held seat who won, would be under the impression that Turnbull was responsible for this, and they would probably end up a pro-Turnbull force in the party-room. Turnbull winning a seat that Abbott didn’t win also gives him a positive talking point. We want him deprived of anything positive post-election.

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