Recommended Order of Preference:
  1. MIRABELLA, Sophie (Liberal)
  2. FERRANDO, Vincent (Rise Up Australia)
  3. CORBOY, Marty (Nationals)
  4. FIDGE, Julian (Country)
  5. QUILTY, Tim (Liberal Democrats)
  6. LAPPIN, Alan James (Independent)
  7. McGOWAN, Cathy (Independent)
  8. DYER, Ray (Independent)
  9. KERR, Eric (Labor)
  10. O’CONNOR, Jenny (Greens)

We deviate from our standard strategy in this seat because Sophie Mirabella is an excellent candidate who will be a thorn in Turnbull’s side. The two have a history of antagonism going back to the republic referendum of the late 90s.


2 thoughts on “Indi”

  1. Why has nobody in the media questioned Turncoat on the logo, since when did the liberal party, become the Turncoat coalition, and when he is talking about the party, he says( my party) . I am so angry over this, I can’t watch him. Thank. You ps hope you answer me,

  2. Since when did the liberal party, become the Turncoat coalition,and when talks about the party he calls it( my coalition party) it makes me sick, can’t watch him, the arrogance of the man, hope you answer me. Thank you

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