Recommended Order of Preference:
  1. KELLY, Craig (Liberal)
  2. CAUDRE, Michael (Christian Democrats)
  3. ROBERTSON, Ellie (Animal Justice)
  4. STEINWALL, Diedree (Labor)
  5. SMITH, Phil (Greens)

Craig Kelly is a rarity in that he’s willing to stick his neck out and publicly attack the left on a constant basis, via social media and other outlets. He speaks on issues that others are too scared to touch, like the links between the ‘Safe Schools’ program and paedophilia activists, and the fraud of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming theories.

Craig actually engages with the electorate. He answers messages and helps people solve their problems. Indeed, he will even respond to and help those outside of his own electorate.

He was also, of course, a staunch supporter of Tony Abbott.

To honour that kind of courage and work ethic, we are recommending he be given your first preference, which deviates from our standard electoral strategy of avoiding giving first preferences to Liberals.

Craig Kelly campaigning with Tony Abbott recently.


3 thoughts on “Hughes”

  1. Thank you for your effort with this.
    I do not want to Tick labor or the greens box.
    I hope liberal will win all the Tony Abbott supporters seats.
    I’m voting for Australian Liberty Alliance, one nation, rise up Australia in the senate as well as liberals.
    Who else can you suggest in the lower house to replace labor & greens please

  2. Craig Kelly is a loyal. Kind and thoughtful MP. He was the only MP to personally answer an email I sent to all MP’s after the knifing of Tony Abbott. I wish he was in my electorate.

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