Recommended Order of Preference:
  1. PIKE, Ron (Australian Liberty Alliance)
  2. ROSSETTO, Paul (Christian Democrats)
  3. O’BRIEN, Trevor (Mature Australia)
  4. MILLS, Brian (Independent)
  5. KUNDE, Christian (Labor)
  6. LEY, Sussan (Liberal)
  7. COHN, Amanda (Greens)

Sussan Ley voted for Turnbull in the leadership spill, and is equivocal on homosexual pseudo-marriage. She is an ally of left-faction leader Michael Photios.

A couple of years ago, she said this:

“We must be really careful with the – we must recognise several things about Muslim Australians. One is that Islam is a religion of peace. It absolutely is…”

Recently she attacked the Australian Liberty Alliance whilst attending an event with Muslims in her electorate.



2 thoughts on “Farrer”

  1. Sussan Ley should be very ashamed of herself.In the eyes of patriotic Aussies she is a traitor.Having lived in a Muslim country in her youth, she should be well aware of the dangers their ideology poses, yet she promotes them, and runs down Australian Liberty Alliance who stand for the very best values for our country.By this action, she has as good as said ‘A Muslim take-over of Australia will be good.’ Sussan Ley, perhaps you need to go back and live in the chaos where you grew up, that might change your mind, because you are not very popular here!’

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