Recommended Order of Preference:
  1. BENNETT, Ursula (Christian Democrats)
  2. FRIEND, Don (Veterans)
  3. KELLY, Mike (Labor)
  4. HENDY, Peter (Liberal)
  5. GROSMAIRE, Daniel (Independent)
  6. BUCKLEY, Ray (Independent)
  7. THALER, Andrew Evan (Independent)
  8. SEYMOUR, Frankie (Animal Justice)
  9. RYAN, Tamara (Greens)

Peter Hendy is a major Turnbull backer and provided logistical support for the coup by allowing the conspirators to meet in his residence. In doing the corridor walk with Turnbull to the spill motion vote, he publicly and proudly displayed his primary role in the coup.




4 thoughts on “Eden-Monaro”

  1. Hendy has been a dead loss as a local member in Eden Monaro. He apparently thought working for his constituents was below him. More exciting things to do in the corridors of power.

  2. Hendys gone! But we get that idiot Kelly back! Another former Army officer who joined the ranks of Labor!! WTF? Labor have never been a friend of the ADF especially the army! But we could not vote for an ingrate like Hendy! He only got into Parliament because of Tony Abbott! I notice in that pic Wyatt Roy walking behind Malcontent! I wonder who is laughing now boys, hey? What comes around goes around!

  3. Also people, is it just me? am I alone in thinking that these Turdbull wankers are so arrogant they have already lost the next election? Chris Pyne was gobbing off like a Queenslander after State of Origin!! Only trouble is, the so called electoral win was a peric victory as such! As Turdbull has squandered the massive majority won by Abbott. Sinodinos was on radio the night prior to the election bragging that his master Turdbull would have significant standing in the party room once he wins the election. So by nature the reduced majority should be reciprocated in his standing in the party room. By my reasoning there are only a few options open to real conservatives;
    1. We leave the Liberal party to the bed wetters and Turdbull to introduce their leftist views and policies. To form a new conservative party in parliament. Anyone with leftist views will be barred.
    2. We fight back and cause a spill motion to have Turdbull sacked or to resign, by beating him at his own game. Shorten will not cooperate as much as he says he will, he will enjoy making Turdbull suffer, so any policy of a leftist nature Turdbull seeks to introduce, the conservatives cross the floor to vote against it. This will eventually cause a vote of no confidence and then we can get rid of him.
    There is absolutely no way that Turdbull approves of Barnaby Joyce as deputy PM! He would be more at home, with the Greens. I bet my house he was behind the failed bid by Windsor to unseat Joyce. At any rate I will not be voting Liberal while Turdbull and co are still in charge.

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