Recommended Order of Preference:
  1. DUTTON, Peter (Liberal National)
  2. HUTCHINSON, Ray (Family First)
  3. NICHOLSON, Doug (Liberal Democrats)
  4. PROHASKA, Thor (Independent)
  5. LAVARCH, Linda (Labor)
  6. BERKMAN, Michael (Greens)

Peter Dutton is one of the few cases where we deviate from our standard strategy, because of his crucial importance in maintaining the Howard-Abbott border protection regime that Turnbull wants to tear down. He is a presence in cabinet that Turnbull doesn’t want.


One thought on “Dickson”

  1. I’m considering not voting liberal because of Malcolm Turnbul’sl past republican leftist leanings so I’ve decided to vote for the newbies the Australian Liberty Alliance. Peter Dutton is the only one I’d consider. Bishop, Payne turned out to be after UN jobs.

    Time for a change . Lynn Harvey

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