Recommended Order of Preference:
  1. ARCHIBALD, David (Australian Liberty Alliance)
  2. BOULTER, Sandra (Independent)
  3. CALLANAN, Melissa (Labor)
  4. GLANCE, Viv (Greens)
  5. BISHOP, Julie (Liberal)

Julie Bishop is a woman more interested in parties with celebrities and impressing UN officials than serving Australia.



2 thoughts on “Curtin”

  1. I always loved Julie Bishop I was floored when she signed the evil UNITED NATIONS AGENDA 21 which is designed to bring down western democracy, take away private property rights, designed to create the New world order , and one world government, and is completely illegal under the Australian Constitution and deserves a high court challenge, just read section 44 of the constitution , it’s pretty clear she has acted illegally and is unfit to sit in the House of Representatives , has basically committed treason

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