Recommended Order of Preference:
  1. HOST, Rex (Australian Christians)
  2. HAMILTON, Neil (Liberal Democrats)
  3. CHESTER, Jamie (Shooters, Fishers & Farmers)
  4. VENESS, Steve (Mature Australia)
  5. ALY, Anne (Labor)
  6. SIMPKINS, Luke (Liberal)
  7. YOUNG, Sheridan (Greens)

Simpkins voted for Turnbull in the leadership spill.

See our article titled ‘The Basics of our Electoral Strategy‘.


2 thoughts on “Cowan”

    1. Have you read the article on our overall electoral strategy? We don’t necessarily preference candidates from best to worst. We preference according to an overall anti-Turnbull strategy. Simpkins agitated against Abbott and voted for Turnbull in the leadership spill. In doing so has shown his ignorance and hurt the country.

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