Recommended Order of Preference:
  1. FOGGIE, Nathan (Family First)
  2. HILL, Julian (Labor)
  3. KROGER, Helen (Liberal)
  4. LEITH, Douglas Ronald (Animal Justice)
  5. JARVIS-WILLS, Jill (Renewable Energy)
  6. RONCAN, Alan (Drug Law Reform)
  7. BAUER, Stefanie (Greens)

See our article titled ‘The Basics of our Electoral Strategy‘.


One thought on “Bruce”

  1. I put Family First first and Liberal second, Labor and Greens were well down! If Family first get enough votes that is well and good, if not I would prefer Liberals to either Labor or Greens, who I believe would be worse than Malcolm. Other minor parties, forget it, worse than Labor or Greens!

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