Recommended Order of Preference:
  1. KELLY, Peter (Australian Liberty Alliance)
  2. VALE, Chris (Christian Democrats)
  3. BERMAN, Christine (Independent)
  4. GOMPERTZ, Katie (Labor)
  5. FLETCHER, Paul (Liberal)
  6. JONES, Adrian (Greens)

Paul Fletcher is a left-faction ally of Michael Photios and voted forĀ Turnbull in the leadership spill. He is one of Turnbull’s foremost henchmen, and is organising Turnbull’s GPS driving tax policy.


2 thoughts on “Bradfield”

  1. I’d put Paul Fletcher last. He’s lower than a Green. He’s a leftarde masquerading as a conservative. What are the people of the North Shore thinking? He went to Jason Falinski’s wedding along with a long list of leftarde traitors, including PHOTIOS himself.

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