Recommended Order of Preference:
  1. THEW, Leighton (Christian Democrats)
  2. LEESER, Julian (Liberal)
  3. GALLAGHER, Mick (Independent)
  4. WOODWARD, Roger (Independent)
  5. ANDREWS, Josh (Labor)
  6. CLARKE, Brendan Michael (Science)
  7. HEYDE, Emma (Greens)

The evidence indicates that Julian Leeser is conservative.

In 2013 he was the National Convener of of the ‘No’ campaign for the referendum on ‘local government’ that would’ve further undermined federalism and empowered the federal government. He was also a member of the then Prime Minister John Howard’s ‘No’ committee for the republic referendum in 1999.

He opposes homosexual so-called “marriage“; supports Liberal Party members deciding pre-selections; says “green jobs are a myth“; and attacks the UN ‘Human Rights’ Council as a haven for human rights abusers.

He also supports policies to ensure all Australians speak the English language.


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