G’Day Folks,

I’m the author and administrator of StopTurnbull.com. Since that website was launched in September last year, I have received hundreds of queries from conservative Liberal Party supporters who are confused about how to vote following the ascension of the leftist-“progressive” Malcolm Turnbull to the Liberal leadership. I have therefore decided to produce voting recommendations for every electorate in Australia, including both House of Representatives and Senate. That is the purpose of this website, ConservativeVoting.com.

*IMPORTANT: The basics of our electoral strategy are explained here. Before you criticise our recommendations, please read it carefully. It explains why we put Labor ahead of the Liberals in many seats. If you disagree with the strategy, nobody is forcing you to follow it.

If you have any questions, comments, criticisms or suggestions, my email is admin@conservativevoting.com. You can also make comments directly on the various posts and pages.

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